The Nurse HealthCare Hotline

The Nurse HealthCare Hotline

Nurse Health Care Hotline Plan

Our society relies on nurse health care. In the middle of the health care system is the nurse. The nurse has to play many roles. The nurse has to communicate with doctors so that the doctor knows what is happening with his or her patient. The nurse must communicate with her patients so that they know what is going on with their health care.

The nurse, who works under the supervision of doctors, is responsible for keeping the doctor current as far as patient improvement is concerned. Of course, she must also tell the doctor if the patient''s condition if getting worse. The nurse must always record any change in the patients physical and emotional state.

The nurse, unknown to most people, puts together a health plan of action for each patient. Then she does her best to carry that plan each and every day.

The physician relies heavily on the nurse to record vital statistics and enter them into the patient''s chart. The doctor trusts that all the information is accurate and complete. The doctor would not be able to do his or her job without this critical patient information.

Nurses keep a watchful vigilant over patients and are quick to call the doctor if there is a problem. The patient''s life depends on nurses who have to watch carefully over their patients.

The nurse is also an instructor because she has to explain what types of medications her patients need to take once the patient leaves the hospital. She has to teach patients the physical therapy exercises they need to so they can recover from their accident or illness. Nurses are definitely play and important part of the health care system. The next time you see a nurse, thank her for her life of dedication to those in need or give us a call today!