TOP 10 Aging books

TOP 10 Aging books

Written by: Kay Redfield Jamison
Reviewed by: A Customer

Over the past 20 years I''ve had several buddies who experienced from manic-depressive diseases. It''s abundantly clear to me that the condition is primarily biochemical and "not, their fault.

Reviewed by: A Customer

I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for many years and have read just about every type of book imaginable. The only reason I''m writing this review is that I found "Feeling Good" to be the best overall work I have ever read in the realm of self-help psychology.

Written by: Suzanne Somers
Reviewed by: Charles

Here''s the Truth.

The most profound truth that seems to be still ignored by many practicing internists, gynecologists, and endocrinologists (and the most hight-priority part of "Ageless.

Written by: Ernie J. Zelinski
Reviewed by: William Wittmann, M.Ed. LMP

Who Wouldn''t Wish To Be Coached By A Guy Named Ernie Zelinski? That''s the title of an article I wrote about Zelinski''s other books. I like Zelinski. This time his book, How to Retire Excited, Wild and No-cost is about living, although it''s disguised as a book on retirement.

It is his best.

Written by: Joan Chittister
Reviewed by: Patrice Fagnant-macarthur

When The Gift of Years by Joan Chittister made its way to my mailbox for me to review, I wasn''t quite confident what to hope. Was I actually the right man to be reviewing this? After all, I am in my thirties, transitioning from youth to middle age. I''m not quite ready for senior citizen status yet.

Written by: Jane Gross
Reviewed by: The Spinozanator

This is a memoir about the final years in the life of the author''s mom - And a guide to the Rube-goldberg-like complexities of Medicare, Medicaid, assisted living facilities (great for those who need no assistance), and nursing homes.

Written by: Andrew Weil
Reviewed by: SCOTT FREILE

I am a Psychologist and Pharmacognosist (ethnobotanist), in big part because of being inspired by Dr. W''s first books, The Natural Mind and his book about the miracle like qualities of mushrooms, and his classic book From Chocolate to Morphine.

Written by: Daniel G. Amen M.D.
Reviewed by: Connie Hi

Just began Dr Amen''s book yesterday. But have taken it seriously. Went to Pilates yesterday after reading section 1.

Began at a new sport gym after section 2 (my old one closed two months ago). Will keep this workout up three days a week like Dr.

Written by: Dan B Allender
Reviewed by: JES

If you wish comprehensive accuracy in a Christian setting this is the book. I also highly advise getting the workbook to go along with it. I got "The Wounded Heart" because of a friend''s recommendation, and I''m so glad I did.

Written by: Meg Jay
Reviewed by: Peter Park

I read Dr. Meg Jay''s Ny Times piece on co-habituation (.

) which lead me to ordering her book. I received it yesterday and read it in one sitting. So, I think it''s pretty nice.

Written by: Suzanne Somers
Reviewed by: Jack

I''ve always been fascinated and intrigued by Suzanne Somers'' books. While definitely controversial, you have to hand it to Suzanne for pushing the envelope when it comes to aging, beauty, and health.

Written by: Colleen Lanier
Reviewed by: Lester_0413

This book is very well written and comes straight from the heart. Colleen makes you feel like you are living via the tough moments in life right along side her. A book that enables the reader to truly relate and feel like one with the author.

Written by: Harry Lorayne
Reviewed by: G. Cary

I became a Harry Lorayne fan ever since he released his first book, How To Develop A Super Power Memory. His easy-to-learn memory solutions became indispensable at the work place. Teaching Mr.

Lorayne''s solutions are one of the greatest lifelong Gifts you can give your kids.

Written by: Ronnie Sellers, Gerit Quealy, Debra Gordon, Brian O''Connell, Sarah Mahoney, Allison Kyle Leopold
Reviewed by: sylvialynn

This is a compilation from different authors writing on the subject of turning 50. The first contributor actually lays it on the line by saying Stop complaining and get your act together so that you''ll get via many years after 50.

Written by: Michael J. Gelb, Kelly Howell, Tony Buzan
Reviewed by: Marilyn Dalrymple

I liked "Brain Power" tremendously. It is full of studies, science and fact, but most importantly is stresses the value of looking toward the possibilities of a healthy aging, optimism and expect. The authors point out the complete negativism with which we here in the United States view aging.

Written by: Laura E. Berk
Reviewed by: J. Boyd

This is a fairly decent text for human development. Each age team explores physical, emotional and mental development using some widely acknowledged theories such as Vygotsky and Piaget.

Written by: John Paul Carinci
Reviewed by: Tom McGee

John Carinci is an impressive writer who knows how to keep a reader''s interest. I am an avid reader of self-help books, have read many of the books John recommends, and have already found out many of the life lessons that Mr.

Written by: Jane L. Bilett Ph.D., MD Othniel J. Seiden
Reviewed by: Charles T

With a few easy attitude changes that "Sex In The Golden Years - Your Best Sex Ever..." recommends (and I mean Easy. ), our sex life has truly changed and is now the best we''ve ever had - even though we are both in our early seventies. Thanks Drs.

Written by: Dan Jones
Reviewed by: Rebecca Johnson

Daniel Jones has been helping people deal with their issues for over twenty years. In "Take Control Of Your Life" he explains the general emotional needs every human has and explains how if these needs are not being met life can get hard.

Written by: Peter Spiers, Brian Williams
Reviewed by: A. Bergamini

Terrific book. I''m 58. A few months ago I understood that my daily routine had become way too comfortable and, well, simple. I have a nice work that I''m nice at.

I swim, do yoga or run every day. On weekends I garden, do projects and invite the children over for Sunday dinner.

Written by: Katherine Sharpe
Reviewed by: Hummingbird

This is not your typical hack work against medications -- "Coming of Age on Zoloft" is thoughtful and well studied.