MIA and Successful Studying

MIA and Successful Studying

Hey hey hey!! How is everyone? I realize that I have been MIA lately, but things got busy around here. I have been studying like a maniac, and it has paid off. School has taken over most of my life, and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t like it. I love learning, and I love seeing my hard work pay off. I also enjoy being busy. Crazy, right?? I don’t even know who I am anymore. Just kidding.

Like I mentioned, I have been studying so much for Anatomy, but I took my test Wednesday, and I made a 100 on the test!:) I seriously could not believe it! I got a 24 hour stomach bug, and I unfortunately didn’t feel like doing anything, but sleeping. I really thought that was going to affect the way I did, but I obviously prepared well enough for my test. During Fall break, whenever I would go to the gym, I would take my notes with me on the elliptical to study. I wrote out all my notes in a notebook, then I went back and wrote them out on a dry-erase board. Thanks to Andrea from A Doctor in the House, because I used her study tips that she posted a while back, and I tried them out on this test, and they helped me so much! This weekend is going to be put towards studying for my Anatomy lab practical that is on Tuesday. I’m hoping I can do well enough because we’re doing our practical over muscles on the cat, and it is not easy.

Besides studying, I have been running again (!!!) and cross training. I’m happy to say that the runs I’ve been doing after getting hurt have been even faster than they used to be! I’m so excited that I can still run, and that my foot feels so much better! I’ve also been doing some strength training to make myself strong. I cannot wait until January so I can start training for the OKC Memorial Half marathon again. My brother Adrian wants to run it with me too, so I’m really excited about that. I’m hoping we can do some long runs together. You in for some long runs, bro?

Did you guys see this article from Runner’s World about how running makes you smarter? If you have not, definitely check it out! It’s really interesting!

Alright I’m off to continue my studying. Later guys!

Posted by busylivinghealthy on October 26, 2012